Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Blog Silence Explained (Sort of)

I'm still reading away at my 52-Book Challenge, honestly I am. Between vacations, my book group reads, and the other things I want to do, I've fallen a bit behind on reviews. I'm still in Asia--just. The "Tale of Genji",  my book for Japan, which I've been dreading like a looming reef since I made up my reading list challenge, has proved to be as difficult as a read as I feared. There's another reason, too, why I haven't been keeping up with my blog as I should:

I've been working quite intently on my rug hooking. Here's my rug, Chimera, which I would like to get finished--at least the center--before my class in Lancaster breaks up for the summer. I'm starting to run out of some of my colors, and since I didn't dye the wool myself, I need to be able to determine what I do need before June, and let my teacher know so she can dye some more swatches.. Otherwise, any work on the rug will come to a halt in about six weeks. It's possible, of course, that I'll get very little done during the summer, as I discovered last year during my return to East Coast heat and humidity, that having a heavy wool rug on my lap isn't exactly what I enjoy doing during the summer months. I'd still like to keep my options open.

Coming up- a review of "From the Land of Green Ghosts."

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